Child Support Enforcement Lawyer in Denver

Can child support orders be enforced by Colorado law?

In Colorado, there are many different child support programs that have been developed to
help ensure that parents fulfill their responsibility to support their children. Child support
orders are set forth by the court for the noncustodial parent to pay to the other parent or
guardian that the child lives with. These orders are legally binding and must be followed until
the court advises you otherwise or until the child reaches the age of emancipation.

There are many times, unfortunately, where a parent leaves town to avoid paying support or
simply refuses to abide by the court order. In cases of this nature, there are different
enforcement methods available to help parents collect the support that is legally owed to
them. If you need help collecting back support, then please do not hesitate to contact a
Denver family lawyer from our firm.

How to Enforce a Child Support Order in Denver

In order to collect overdue child support, the courts have come up with several legal methods
and punishments to help persuade noncustodial parents to make timely payments. Some
penalties for those who fail to pay support would include license suspensions and passport
denials. This means that the noncustodial parent would not be able to drive or leave the
country until they become current on their child support payments. Aside from small penalties,
the court can go even further and find other means of collecting retroactive support.

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The most common methods of enforcement in Colorado include:

Deducting the support from their paycheck

Deducting the support from their unemployment or workers鈥 comp benefits

Deducting the support from their lottery winnings

Deducting the support from their tax refund

Utilizing wage garnishment

Placing liens on their property

Resorting to federal prosecution

Need help enforcing a child support order in Denver?

Child Support Enforcement Lawyer in Denver

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to enforcing child support orders. By speaking
with a knowledgeable family law attorney you can determine which enforcement method
would be most appropriate for your situation. Our firm also assists clients in modifying child
support and child custody orders. When parties experience a significant change in
circumstances to where the original order no longer coincides with child鈥檚 best interests, then
the court will consider modifying the agreement. If the noncustodial parent has experienced a
cut in wages or was recently let go from their employer, then it may be appropriate to have
the child support amount modified. On the other hand, if the needs of the child or the health
care costs have grown, then you could also seek to have the amount of child support

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Our legal team has assisted clients in resolving a wide range of family law matters including
child custody, child support, paternity, alimony, visitation, domestic abuse and much more.
Our firm represents clients that are facing or pursuing enforcement actions and we are
prepared to do everything in our power to lead case to a fruitful conclusion. If you are looking
to enforce or modify a child support order, contact our firm to consult with a Denver family
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